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Journey to AXA Health


The Journey to AXA Health

Tracy Garrad, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Health. 

So coming into the business I knew that the Axa PPP group of companies was 15 or 16 different entities, formed over a number of years from different acquisitions. And with my experience, I knew therefore, there was a latent opportunity to do something different. I undertook a strategic review going right back to the basics of looking at market opportunity, looking at our competitive advantage and our strengths, and then defining a strategy for the future. The becoming Axa health programme is really the way in which we brought that to life over the last 12 months. 
For customers we want to be able to meet a broader range of their health and well-being needs. We are very well known for our health insurance and have been for many years. But what we know is that there are new trends in the market, and people are looking for much more from their health and well-being. Building a program like this and executing it over the next couple of years will take A lot of resilience, things rarely go exactly as you thought they would at the outset. But I also think the opportunity to take people on a journey, to inspire them with A compelling vision of how the future might be, and to help them understand The part that they can play in it. Those are all the things that I love to do.
It was clear to me before I started and reinforced positively once I got my feet under the table, That we have people in the business who care passionately and are committed to doing great things for customers. Beyond that, it’s really clear that our people are excited for the future and because of that they are working collaboratively to find solutions, that’s an attitude that we are really going to need lots of in the next couple of years if we are going to succeed.
It’s about achieving our vision of empowering people to be the best version of themselves. And that applies just as much to our people within the business as it does to our customers.
I want us to be a true health and well-being partner, and a business that really makes a difference in people‘s lives. As an employer, I want us to be a company that people aspire to work for and where they can achieve their full potential and be the very best that they can be.

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