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Rewarding our people

We provide all our employees with a range of rewards and benefits to make sure they know how much we appreciate everything they do. We also support our people and communities with other meaningful initiatives. Find out more below.

Our rewards and benefits


At AXA, we provide a wide range of core and voluntary benefits that support you and your family.

These enable you to lead the life you want and protect what's important to you. We want to do everything we can to look after you. We offer these rewards and benefits to make sure you know how much we appreciate what you do, from virtual wellbeing activities to pension contributions. We want to help everyone at AXA look after what matters to them.

We have a variety of benefits for every person who works here. These include bonus schemes and holiday allowance, life cover, pension, and sick pay. And to help you lead the life you want to, we have a selection of voluntary benefits to choose from, such as holiday trading, Cycle to Work scheme, health assessments and discounted products. Our Shareplan scheme allows you to be part of AXA's success by becoming a shareholder.

You can also enjoy savings on things like retail vouchers, cinema tickets and experiences through our discounts and cashback scheme. That's because we believe there's more to life than work. So, whether it's taking that break away, spending more time with the kids or being active, you can take the time out you need to relax and enjoy yourself. And when someone's gone above and beyond, we reward each other's contributions, for example, with vouchers through our recognition scheme.

We want to help you be happy and healthy, which is where My Wellbeing, our employee wellbeing programme comes in. To make it easier to understand how we can support you and see what's available, My Wellbeing is made up of four pillars: physical, mental, financial, and social.

My physical wellbeing doesn't mean spending hours in the gym. We all know that small changes can make a difference. We're committed to supporting you and helping you build healthy habits for life. That's why we make sure you have access to health checks, eye tests, and we promote physical activity by offering you discounts on gym and fitness products.

Life can throw all sorts of challenges at us. And my mental wellbeing is about building your resilience and making sure the support you need is available to you.

We have a dedicated mental health tool to support your mental wellbeing. Financial wellbeing is hugely important. It offers you a sense of security and grounding. My Financial Wellbeing can help you take the small steps you need to take control of your finances. For example, our financial education tool can help you with this. Connecting with others helps us manage stress and become healthier inside and outside work – even to live longer. Giving can also make us feel good, whether that's giving our time or supporting a fundraiser. There's plenty to get involved in to boost your social wellbeing.

As well as looking after our customers and our people, we have a responsibility to care for the environment and the communities that we're part of. We're committed to limiting climate change and support volunteer charity and other community efforts.

Contributing to a healthier, inclusive, and more sustainable future is in everything we do. With a happy and engaged workforce we can strive together to be the best that we can be for our customers.

Growing your career

In a changing world, we're changing how our customers see us. Which means transforming our role in their lives from 'a payer who's there when things go wrong' to 'an encouraging partner who's here to help things go right’. We'll provide you with the tools to adapt and change with us, so you can grow your career, while building the skills needed for whatever the future brings.

Technical and specialist training

Everything we do focuses on treating our customers fairly and upholding the trust they put in us. The financial services industry is complex and detailed. So, our first job when you join us is to make sure you have access to all the technical knowledge and tools you need to get up to speed.

Continuous learning

Everyone learns and takes on new ideas and information differently. So, we work hard to give you the flexibility to choose how and when you can develop your skills.

With on-demand access to a wide range of learning, you can dive into videos, online modules, articles, webinars and more, at a time that suits you. You might want to learn more about emotional intelligence, gain a better understanding of programming or become an Excel master. Whatever your interests, there’s sure to be a course available to help you learn what you want to know.

Developing leaders

Great leaders and managers are the ones who support and inspire people to do their best. So, we put a lot of time and effort into teaching the leaders of tomorrow. It’s vital that our people have the tools, skills, and behaviours they need to grow into more senior roles and make their mark.

Our leadership events are the first step for our future leaders. We’ll build on your training, from a solid foundation in management right through to programmes that continue to enhance your ability to lead.

Professional qualifications

Most people reach a point in their career where they feel ready to take on more responsibility, to progress, or even to change direction. We’re passionate about developing our people, including giving them the opportunity to study professional qualifications to progress in their chosen career.

Apprenticeships with AXA

A modern apprenticeship could make all the difference in your career progression. Modern apprenticeships are a great way of gaining industry-recognised qualifications at any age, regardless of how senior your current role might be, or what qualifications you may already have.

More about apprenticeships