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AXA Me Anything: How I saved over £1,100 at AXA

AXA Me Anything 16-9 Lee-Anne

People don’t always think of their finances when they think of ‘wellbeing’, but feeling confident and secure about your money can have a big impact on your life. This time on AXA Me Anything, we spoke to Lee-Anne Dargue, Business Change Co-ordinator, about how she’s benefitted from the support AXA offers for financial wellbeing. 

Do you think financial wellbeing is important? 
In today’s day and age, financial wellbeing is vital. Everyone is feeling the effects of the rise in utilities, groceries, petrol, etc. and we need support to help us deal with balancing our budgets and being able to access help when we need it. 

How does AXA support you to look after your financial wellbeing? 
We get lots of offers and savings through our employee discount platform, MAX. I’ve used it for years and saved over £1,100! I’ve bought washing machines, phones, booked hotels, airport parking, holidays, saved money on Tesco shops and much, much more. It doesn’t matter if it's a few pence or a few pounds. It all adds up. 

We also get access to a financial education platform called Nudge. It gives me personalised articles based on my interests, so I often go on and learn more about financial topics that matter to me.  The budget planner really highlights where your spending is going, which lets me reduce spending where I can. It also shows me where I can save and put money to one side. 

Do you think this kind of support from employers is important? 
Yes, very. In today’s climate, most people are conscious about their incoming and outgoing finances. I think that it's the responsible thing for AXA to do, to help us manage our money by giving us information and links to resources for support if needed. 

And if there's a possibility of getting something for a reduced price, then this is a brilliant benefit for a company to offer their employees. A few years ago, I did a lot of careers fairs and job fairs to promote roles at AXA and the MAX discount platform was one of the benefits I told everyone about! 


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