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Grow your potential: Meet Tom

Tom Ryder_ Grow your potential

Tom Ryder, Head of Learning and Development at AXA UK is dispelling popular myths. Many people assume apprenticeships are only for young people at the beginning of their career - Tom explains that isn't the case and that apprenticships are a great way for people at every careers stage, to learn, grow and progress. 

What led you to taking an apprenticeship? 

I left school following my GCSEs and jumped straight in to work. I didn’t have the opportunity to go to college or university to complete A levels or a degree which didn't hold me back from having a successful career. Learning is something you do throughout every stage of life, so I feel very privileged to be able to complete an apprenticeship whilst working, which is going to take my skills and confidence to the next level.  

Which apprenticeships have you completed? 

My first apprenticeship was my CIPD Level 5 in Learning and Development (equivalent to a foundation degree) which I completed in 2021. I’m now studying for my CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management (equivalent to a post-graduate Master’s degree). 

What difference has this made to you? 

I can say for sure, that if I didn’t have that opportunity to complete my first apprenticeship, I very much doubt I’d be in the role I love and enjoy so much today! 

Anything else we need to know? 

At AXA we offer many apprenticeships across many different areas of the business such as Underwriting to Business Change and Transformation, and many other things in between, bringing many benefits to both our organisation, our people, and our community. 

What are the benefits for AXA? 

In today’s ever evolving digital world, if we stand still, we get left behind. Apprenticeships allow us to source new talent and upskill or reskill existing employees, therefore future proofing our workforce in the years to come. 

And our people? 

Apprenticeships provide opportunities for you to develop, grow and professionalise in a subject you’re passionate about, opening up opportunities to progress your career and learn new skills for life. 

How do apprenticeships support our community? 

National Apprenticeships also supports our diversity, equality and inclusion strategy enabling social mobility and breaking down barriers to work. Through the gifting of our Apprenticeship Levy, we’re able to support small and medium sized businesses to offer apprenticeships to their own people, which they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford. 


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