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Empowering our black and ethnic minority colleagues to leadership with Business In The Community mentoring


Our culture of trust and respect gives our people the confidence to grow their potential and thrive in a diverse community. The theme for this year’s Black History Month is ‘Proud to Be’ and we’re especially proud of our mentoring programme, developed in partnership with Business In The Community.The programme gives our ethnic minority employees access to senior Leaders and role models across our business areas. Participants build on their strengths, identify areas of improvement and understand how to develop the skills and behaviours that will equip them to become our leaders of the future.




Hi, my name is Imran Khan, I am now in my 15th year working for AXA Insurance as a Claims Relationship Manager.

In a shift to more flexible ways of working, I am now set up to work from home through the Smart Working Practices AXA have put in place.

What are the objectives of the business in the community partnership mentoring scheme?

The programme is designed to help you maximise your potential and support your progression, with the guidance of a senior level mentor who is committed to the advancement of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic employees.

We were encouraged to take full advantage of the guidance and support to ensure we leave with the essential tools to go further into our careers and achieve our goals.

One of our main objectives was to leave with a much more awareness of our abilities and be able to identify areas of improvement so we could progress in key areas that were identified at the start of the programme.

Why did you join the scheme?

My experience starts in Account Management and Underwriting in AXA Commercial. In 2020 I joined the Claims function working as Claims Relationship Manager.

My experience has allowed me to demonstrate a versatile and dynamic approach which resulted in me joining the Claims Function in AXA.

However I am preparing myself to become a leader in my organisation one day. I was looking for suggestions and advice on how I can further cultivate my expertise in management because my ultimate aim is to use this experience to find growth, confidence and ability to lead.

With the support of a mentor, and my own efforts I was aiming to achieve the next stage in my career which in turn would allow me to share my own experience and values with other individuals who share a similar journey to mine.

What did you gain from it and how has this helped you develop at AXA?

When I joined the programme, I had some ideas of where I wanted to develop and grow as a professional.

Me personally, I have always been an enthusiastic, self-motivated person with a passion to learn.

The BITC programme enabled me to receive mentoring support which would enable me to  further progress my career as a leader in AXA.

My mentor gave me advice on how I can further grow my expertise in this field by sharing experiences with me which would give me the ability to think as a leader.

I also gained knowledge and insights into Emotional Intelligence which plays an integral part part in our working lives.

Taking all my learning on the BITC programme, I was able to return to my working job with a better understanding of my qualities and how to also find solutions to areas I may need to develop in using my own initiative.

Would you encourage others to join?

I would absolutely encourage others to join. It’s all aimed at individuals from the BAME community who are looking to develop themselves in both personal and business life.

You will also get to meet some highly experienced and personable individuals who will help and support you on the programme to ensure the best of you is being utilised to experience a successful working life.