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What life is really like for our AXA nurses


What life is really like for our AXA Nurses. 

Meet the people behind AXA PPP Healthcare's clinical department. 

Are you given the opportunity to learn new things and develop your expertise?

I always thought that when I was in the NHS that the clinical role was the only way I could go where as here you can learn a lot more about project management, managing budgets and it’s just different skills to add to the clinical skills that we’ve got as well.

I’m a registered midwife and you get a lot of experience about other health conditions so you learn, the learning curve is huge.

What's the biggest difference between working for the Public Sector and working for AXA PPP Healthcare?

Well you develop your research skills don’t you really, and as you say learning about oncology but you learn about new treatments and unproven treatments. I feel as well we are at the forefront because we get a lot of those unproven requests where in the NHS you wouldn’t see those. We see a lot of those requests very early on you’re almost learning about advancements of medicine in the early stages rather than when it gets to approval and comes into NHS practice.

What are the key benefits of working for a private company compared to the Public Sector? Getting a bonus was a really nice thing because I’ve never ever had a bonus before.

I like the fact there are not set shifts so the working pattern there is some flexibility within that because I know we work core hours but it is quite nice isn’t it knowing that you’re going to finish, you are going to finish at 4 or 5 o’clock and have your weekends free to be able to plan and socialise.

Yeah, it’s really important isn’t it I like being able to buy extra holiday so that I can you know plan extra time off to do things.

I love that I do that every year.


Yeah, every year because it’s great to match my husband's time off and be able to spend more time with my little one.

Are AXA Nurses able to build relationships with their customers? You do build a rapport don't you because you can get to know someone over a couple of years during their treatment all the way through from when they’re really nervous and scared at the beginning of their treatment right the way through to hopefully cure, and then they carry on you know on their life journey.

They always say I am not just here from an insurance point of view I am here to support you if you need any sort of assistance. 

I’m doing my job and I’m making a difference to people so I think I’m really lucky. 

Find out more about our clinical career opportunities. Search AXA Careers. 

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