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AXA Health: why I'm inspired by my colleagues


AXA Health: why I’m inspired by my colleagues

What’s is like to work for AXA Health?

Joseph Mcguire, Personal Advisor, AXA Health

AXA Health enables me to be the best that I can be at work, by listening to me and listening to what working conditions I would prefer, or what I was best at. I think it’s great that Axa gives you and the opportunity to be flexible with your working and the approach of that. This insures to me that I can then have a good work life balance, and be the best I can and be the most productive I can. I would say the best thing about my role is the content of what I do. I love providing customer service and having that opportunity to speak with our members on on a daily basis, as what I love to do. I also love working within a team environment, my own team we are a great bunch. I also love the Axa values and lift them as best I can. 

What inspires me with my colleagues is a determination that they all have in regards to succeeding. We will sometimes come together and do some incentive so that we can all be productive, And sort of have that team morale at a high. What inspires me individually is the sort of struggles that they may have gone through and how they overcome that. So it’s really important to sort of be there for your colleagues and identifying any of those sort of problems that you can always help with. So it’s quite inspiring to then see from where they come from, to where they are now in regards to their own achievements and their performance and their well-being.

I will say Axa support me very well in regards to my personal life and within my career. If I have any problems with my personal life. I have a go to person within my manager Who is supportive and will listen to me. Within my career as well, having recognition is very motivating and having opportunities to sort of bring new ideas to the table. It’s very important in regards to listening to the employees. So again, that brings a great atmosphere to working within Axa.

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