AXA Balance

Working towards gender balance and equality in our workplace

Our ambition for the future is to become a gender-balanced organisation by 2023. Specifically, this means we’ve set ourselves global targets of gender parity for our top 300 leaders and in the UK we’ve made a commitment to increase the representation of women at senior levels by 40% by the end of 2020. In addition, we’re working on closing the gender pay gap and you can read more about our efforts in our Gender pay gap report.

When it comes to taking action, we’re working with HR to develop a number of different policies to increase awareness, understanding and support across a range of gender-related topics. This includes employee policies on domestic abuse and the menopause, as well as policies and support for people with childcare and caring responsibilities. We’re also working to highlight stories internally which include a diverse range of role models at AXA.

"By being a diverse and inclusive organisation we can understand our customers better but also be a great place to work for everyone."

Martin van der Wal - Director of ERM and Operational Risk, Co-chair of AXA Balance, AKA UK