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Be 100% yourself at work

We have an ambition to become one of the most inspiring companies to work for. Everyone has something different to bring to the table, and by appreciating those differences we can attract the best people, develop and use their talents and create a great place to work. We all have a role to play in ensuring a working environment in which everyone, regardless of who they are, can reach their true potential. And as we celebrate how far we have come, we keep looking at how we can be better. ​​​​​

Tracy Garrad, CEO AXA Health and Executive Sponsor for Diversity & Inclusion


Tracy Garrad, CEO AXA Health and executive sponsor for diversity and inclusion

As the executive sponsor for diversity and inclusion in Axa uk and Ireland, I am passionately committed to achieving a more diverse and inclusive culture in our workplace and let me tell you why. Firstly, of course, it’s about fairness, it’s the right thing to do, but it goes way beyond that and comes down to just good business. The key to innovation and success is found in properly accessing The diversity of ideals and capabilities found within the full Bretts of society. So it stands to reason, that if our talent pool is limited, we are in fact limiting ourselves as an organisation and limiting the benefits we can bring to those we serve. It’s for this reason that addressing diversity and inclusion is one of the highest priorities for our business, and that is why you can see us stepping up our actions. As sponsor, I’ve been delighted with the level of engagement and the willingness to share our thoughts on how we’ve done in the past, and where we need to do more. As a result of all this input you will also see and hear more about how we have re-framed our D and I ambitions through the stories we share here. Being candid, it’s clear that we still have a lot more work to do, we have strengthened our leadership in the D and I space, and we have important initiatives like our inclusion allies and our ethnicity action plan to really get momentum. Now I believe Axa will become an increasingly inclusive and therefore more attractive place to work for all, with people empowered to authentically be themselves, that’s a future that I am excited about and I will put all my effort into making it a reality.

Know You Can. 


We have four employee networks to help us embed diversity and inclusion in all that we do. Anyone can be part of our networks, no matter what role they’re in or position they hold. They may identify with a certain group or simply want to be an ally and support others.


How our employee resource groups promote diversity and inclusion within AXA 

We interviewed some of our AXA Employee Resource Group members. 

My name is Caroline Spence. 

My name is Cathy Jenkins. 

My name is Dan Neill. 

I am Jessica Abetti. 

My name is Martin Van Der Wal. 

My name is Sarah Plumer. 

My name is Tej Bungsy. 

I’m Tracy Dorrington. 

To find out why these groups are important in the workplace. Groups provide a real sense of community. Doing something to help those who maybe like me. We believe in valuing everybody as a business. Being an inclusive culture. Companies with a diverse workforce are more able to relate and service a diverse customer base. I can not only have a voice for my opinion and beliefs but I can also give a hand in breaking barriers. I think giving people the mechanism to share their stories, share their experiences in order to help others, I find it really inspiring. 

Know You Can. 

AXA Able

Aiming to drive disability and carer-friendly improvements in the workplace. The network provides support and networking opportunities for employees and family members, and promotes activities within AXA which raise awareness about disabilities and carers.

AXA Able

AXA Pride

AXA Pride is comprised of LGBT+ employees and friends to promote LGBT+ friendly changes in our workplace. The group provides support and networking opportunities for all our employees and members, and organises activities within AXA that raise awareness about our LGBT+ community.

AXA Pride

AXA Balance

AXA Balance represents gender equality and working families. It aims to promote flexibility in seeking an optimum balance in both work and life, enabling our people to feel confident in using the benefits available to them, such as family leave. The network also promotes wellbeing and recognises our diverse role models to help create a working environment of inspiration and support.

AXA Balance


Our newest network was formed in 2017. It aims to raise awareness about the value of ethnicity in the workplace and the importance of a diverse workforce. We champion the belief that every employee should have equal access to work and the opportunity to reach their potential. Regardless of ethnicity, background or circumstance.

AXA Reach

Inclusion Allies

Our Inclusion Allies initiative gives our people the tools to help create an inclusive environment. In whatever role you join us, however junior or senior you are, you can make a positive impact on the lives and experiences of diverse talent. We invite everyone to make a conscious choice to become an Inclusion Ally and help everyone be themselves at work and reach their full potential.

To find out how you can be part of building an inclusive culture, download our
Inclusion Allies guide. 


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Partnerships and awards

We know when it comes to diversity and inclusion we don’t have all the answers, so we have formed a number of partnerships to help us on our journey.

BITC logo

Business in the Community (BITC)

Business in the Community is the oldest and largest business-led membership organisation dedicated to responsible business. And not only are we members of the Business in the Community Race and Gender campaigns, but in April 2020 we became founding partners of their National Business Response Network in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

BDF logo

Business Disability Forum

In 2020 we began working with Business Disability Forum to further improve our organisational commitment to disability inclusion. As one of the UK’s leading specialists in disability inclusion, our relationship with Business Disability Forum helps us to connect with other organisations who share our passion on disability inclusion, work collaboratively with the Government as well as provide networking opportunities for our colleagues with disabilities.

TtC employer pledge Award

Time to Change

The Time to Change Employer Pledge is a commitment to changing the way we all think and act about mental health in the workplace. We’re supported to put best-practice interventions and policies in place to help our staff work in ways that promote a positive mental wellbeing.

Disability confident leader logo

Disability Confident Leader accreditation

Disability Confident organisations play a leading role in changing attitudes, behaviours and cultures for the better. Successfully obtaining the Level 3 ‘Leader’ accreditation shows our commitment to acting as a Disability Confident champion within our local and business communities.

Stonewall Diversity Champion

The Stonewall Diversity Champions programme is the leading employers' programme for ensuring all LGBT staff are accepted without exception. As a Stonewall Diversity Champion, we’re committed to taking steps to advance sexual orientation and gender identity equality in the workplace.

The story so far

Here are some facts and figures to show you what’s going on inside AXA.



Average employee age


We became members

of Stonewall UK

39 %

of senior management positions

are held by women

71 %

Of our employees

think of us as an inclusive employer