Supporting ethnic diversity in our workplace

AXA REACH is our newest employee resource group. We aim to raise awareness about ethnicity in the workplace and the importance of having a diverse workforce. We’re committed to offering equal access to work and the opportunity for everyone to reach their potential, regardless of ethnicity, background or circumstance.  That’s why we’ve supported the launch of AXA UK’s Ethnicity Action Plan which will help us to report on our progress, ensure employee voices are heard, create recruitment practices that are free of bias, educate our people and focus on developing diverse talent. Most recently, we’ve launched a ‘Let’s talk about race’ guide and planned activities to support Black History Month.

Tej Bungsy
What is the AXA REACH employee resource group?


What is the AXA REACH employee resource group?

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Tej Bungsy. I am a senior financial analyst and I’m part of AXA BAME which is now called AXA REACH. 

What is AXA REACH?
AXA REACH is an employee resource group. This ERG was created with an aim of increasing the ethnic diversity of our workforce, unlocking its full potential in making Axa a very inclusive place to work. 

Why is being a member of AXA REACH important to you?
AXA REACH is important to me because I feel that the UK has so many different communities and cultures. Therefore, being part of AXA REACH Allows me to 30 represent the minority ethnic, to raise awareness, to tackle unconscious bias, casting the net wider on talent from every different background of people.

Know You Can. 

Jessica Abetti
Why I joined the AXA REACH employee resource group


Why I joined the AXA REACH ERG

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Jessica Abetti. I'm a senior marketing manager and I am part of the REACH ERG. 

What is the AXA REACH ERG?
The AXA REACH ERG focuses on the issues Within the BAME communities.

Why did you decide to become a member of AXA REACH?
I joined Axa REACH after being in the business for five years, I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet other people from a diverse background. 

Why is being a member of reach important to you?
Being part of REACH is important to me because I believe all employees should be treated fairly. 

What are the benefits to you of being a member?
The benefits of being part of AXA REACH are quite far ranging. I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in some quite exciting projects. 

Why do you think these groups are important to AXA?
All ERG’s are important to Axa because we believe in valuing everybody as a business.

Know You Can. 

Our commitment 

In 2020 we signed the Business in The Community Race at Work Charter. By signing this we're committing to the following principles which we'll use to guide our strategy on ethnicity inclusion: Appointing an Executive Sponsor for race; Capturing ethnicity data and publicise progress; Committing at Board level to zero tolerance of harassment and bullying; Making it clear that supporting equality in the workplace is the responsibility of all leaders and managers and by taking action that supports ethnic minority career progression.

"Being a member of AXA REACH means that I can have a hand in breaking barriers, and not only do I have a voice for my opinion and beliefs, but for other employees with issues or suggestions."

Tej Bungsy - Senior Financial Analyst, Chair of AXA REACH, AXA Health