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Wherever you work at AXA, you’ll be part of a global insurance and asset management company.

In the UK we have four main business areas:

AXA Insurance

Over 5,500 of our people work within AXA Insurance. We're here to keep businesses running smoothly, to protect homes against the unexpected, to support customers whilst they travel and to keep people safe after a car accident.

We surround ourselves with people who are curious and embrace change, who want to do new things in new ways and who want to make a real difference to the lives of others. It's how we drive ourselves forward, by building a community of talented, passionate and ambitious people who share our purpose. It's how we make sure that what we deliver for our customers is leading the way, so that we're trusted by millions to protect what's important to them against life's uncertainties.

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AXA Health

AXA Health is the UK health and wellbeing specialist for the AXA Group.  

At AXA Health, we support our customers to be the best version of themselves. 

Whatever our customers’ health goals, we help them get there. That could be getting someone physio for an injury that’s holding them back, or finding them the right specialist to take their treatment forward. 

Our team are experts in their fields: from experienced cancer nurses to pioneering data analysts; from our highly respected customer service team to our wide-ranging in-house team of clinicians. We all work together to be the best we can be. 

Health and wellbeing

Innovation in healthcare

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AXA Corporate Centre

We're driven by our purpose, to help make people's lives better and safer. We're the link between our UK businesses; looking after our colleagues so that they can spend more time taking care of our customers. That means that we support and advise our businesses around the UK on everything from risk and compliance, to marketing, IT, HR, finance, property, procurement, auditing, legal and communications.

AXA Group Operations

Technology moves at an incredible pace. So must we. Both our customers and our people rely on our services to offer the best solutions and advice for their needs.

We're the first line of defence in terms of IT, security and risk management. We're the ones who enable our people to innovate and adapt to the changing IT landscape. We embrace cloud technology and explore new workstation and mobile solutions. We're constantly working with our vendors and suppliers to harness our size and global scale to create a competitive advantage. And we delve into data to discover the real needs of our customers.

With 35 offices and over 10,000 people, we have an exciting professional challenge ahead of us. That's why we need people who are agile and can adapt to changing needs, who are collaborative and proactive. People who will help to make sure that, as a business, we're ready for tomorrow.

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Our other businesses

We also have the following businesses within the UK that offer other opportunities: