AXA story

Learning and evolving: How I’m using my skills in a different way

Before I joined AXA in June 2015, I was in the Army for six years, working as a translator and intelligence analyst. I was based in the UK and Afghanistan, moving from communications exploitation into language in order to form an intelligence picture. Following the drawdown of Operations in Afghanistan, I started looking around at what else I could use my insights into language for. 

I saw the role at AXA and, looking through the job profile, I knew I had the skills that would help me understand how language is used on calls, and could help the business. When I first joined the learning curve was absolutely huge – I had never been in an office environment before. I’d essentially been brought up in the Army and was used to the training and discipline. I had to relearn everything about the way the working world works – ironically, even the way I spoke to people. Taking the job here was a leap of faith – and luckily it’s worked in my favour. 

Listening to our customers is one of the most important things we do. But now we’re going deeper. We analyse over two million calls a year, looking for patterns to ensure that customers get the help they need as quickly and easily as possible. Now we’re using the technology to protect customers too, by spotting patterns of speech in fraudulent calls. We’re constantly looking to improve, to challenge the status quo and provide the best service possible – that’s what makes it so great to work here.