AXA story

How a supportive team means you never feel out of your depth

As a Resourcing Partner, I help the organisation to achieve its aims by ensuring that we recruit the highest quality talent into the business. Resourcing at AXA involves much more than just putting up an advert and waiting for people to apply – my role is all about proactively finding the very best person for the role. Sourcing candidates directly doesn’t only reduce the amount of money the business spends on recruitment, it also widens our reach and helps us better attract brilliant talent. 

I joined AXA nine months ago, having worked in similar roles but within digital organisations. I wasn’t actively looking at the time but the opportunities for career development at AXA really stood out to me and I definitely haven’t been disappointed. I was really keen to complete my CIPD qualification and AXA has funded and supported me to do this from the start. It’s not even a year into my role and I’ve already been involved in some really exciting, impactful projects across the different business areas and operating companies – with plenty more to come!

I partner with the business from a recruitment perspective so it’s my responsibility to liaise with key stakeholders, looking at their recruitment needs and then coming up with creative, cost-effective solutions to attract the candidates they’re looking for and drive the recruitment process through. At companies I’ve worked at previously, there little exposure to senior management whereas here I get to meet with senior people on a regular basis and although I’m relatively new to the business, they respect my expertise and empower me to do what’s best. It’s really rewarding.  I’m very passionate about the value of incorporating digital into the recruitment process so I recently managed a project which focused on working closely with senior managers and demonstrating how to use LinkedIn for Recruitment, which was great.

One of the things I love most about AXA is you get the career opportunities, challenges and prospects you want without having to compromise on a great work-life balance. You’re given plenty of flexibility and support and trusted to manage your own time and make your own decisions. For instance, my role involves quite a lot of travelling around so if I need to work from home sometimes or leave early to get somewhere, that’s fine and you’re not scrutinised for it. Although as a Resourcing team we’re spread out across different locations, the collaboration and support is second-to-none. We have weekly catch-ups, monthly meetings and we’re always happy to help one another out. Having such a great support network takes off the pressure without taking the challenge out of your role.

Megan Goodman, AXA Resourcing Partner