AXA story

Everyone at AXA has one thing in common – the desire to look after other people

Here at AXA we are very proud to have cultivated an environment that nurtures and supports our talented employees. Identifying and progressing our talent is in our DNA and we’re pleased to see so much activity from employees with such varying backgrounds.

Diversity and inclusion remains at the forefront of our cultural priorities and we are delighted to showcase some of our great stories:

Anna O’Donaghue, Head of Research, AXA Wealth:

“AXA is incredibly flexible in the support they offer.  I’ve friends working in the City who have had to give up jobs they enjoy simply because the hours and intensity of their roles didn’t fit in with their home commitments. Because of the flexible working support AXA has offered me, I’ve never had to choose. It allows me to enjoy my life outside of work while still doing the job I love.”

Karen Dodd, Quality and Audit Manager, AXA Health:

“AXA is a very inclusive place to work and women are definitely seen as equal. AXA applies a flexible approach to working to make sure everyone has a good work-life balance. Since joining the company I’ve had two children and during that time I’ve worked part-time and been on maternity leave and still been able to grow and progress within my career. I can only speak for myself, but I’ve had a very positive experience as a woman at AXA.”

Emma Hadgraft, HR Business Partner, AXA Commercial Lines and Personal Intermediary:

“AXA is very conscious of diversity and has a thorough diversity agenda. AXA strive to be an inclusive employer, whereby everyone's individual input is respected. As an employee there is lots of information available on our intranet site for people to read about. We have a number of policies around flexible working which are equally available to both men and women. AXA offers term time contracts as part of our flexible working offering and you will find men as well as women taking these up. I would absolutely say there’s equal fairness on both sexes here.”

Nicola Bell, Finance Director, AXA Health:

“AXA definitely place equal value on women, which is quite a challenging thing to do. I would say AXA recognise the benefits to having diversity at board level and is trying to make sure that there is a more equal split.”