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What is the AXA Balance employee resource group?


What is the AXA Balance Employee Resource Group?

Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Caroline Spence. I am the UK risk reporting manager at Axa UK and in my spare time I chair The Axa Balance employee resource group.

What is AXA Balance? Axa Balance is an employee resource group that focuses on gender inequality and working families within the organisation. The Balance employee resource group is committed to creating a working environment for all in which there is inspiration, support and the removal of boundaries that may inhibit progression. 

Why do you think these groups are important to AXA?
Groups provide a real sense of community, not just within our own employee resource group but across all four employee resource groups. The Balance, Able, Reach and Pride. The task force members across these groups take on these rules voluntarily. They are not part of their day job and so people only take part if they are truly passionate about fighting discrimination. This creates a wonderful atmosphere and brings positivity and belief that we will change things for the better.

Know You Can. 

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