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AXA Health: how we all work together to be the best we can be


AXA Health  - how we all work together to be the best we can be

What does AXA Health mean to you?

Bharat Patel, Head of Data Technology Transformation, AXA Health.  

AXA Health from a career perspective it supports me by allowing me to continuously grow it challenges me as Axa, it’s not just going on a journey but it’s looking to improve across all disciplines in the business. So to be part of that is a privileged but to be able to perform that after you’ve continuously improved as well. Axa from a fresh perspective, I’m continuously learning, I’m continuously challenged. Continuously adapting to learning new techniques and methods and growing my own knowledge base. From a personal perspective, Axa’s true to its core that it’s a service that provides to its members. But those members also obviously employees, so the services and the morals and ethics that Axa shout about which are true, Axa believes that it starts inside first. So services are available to me, fundamental at Axa is maintaining a healthy work life balance. And that allows me to focus on work and focus on Homelife, when needed.
What do I enjoy the most, I enjoy the people, the people make the difference. It’s the people in the environment that we are in that ELIZA is to think out of the box, It allows us to have that creativity and be free. There’s people that Axa bring together. And team ethics, team morals. That’s what I enjoy the most. It’s my colleagues, my team, it’s people I meet, I feel like I meet new people every day. But everyone is welcome, everyone is helpful and everyone believes in this journey of change. Axa really believes in its values and that’s transparent from top down, bottom up, you know, everyone must stick together, one Axa is true regardless of what level you are you all chip in and we help each other out we are encouraged to speak, we are encouraged to challenge. So its the value of being courageous, being one Axa and our values. Axa don’t just speak about it, they believe in it and they distil that value within us. And we live and breathe it day to day.

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