AXA story

You actually get to spend time with Directors

“Something that I love about AXA is the collaborative environment within the office. We sit in a very open plan space which means we as graduates are often next to senior people and key decision makers. I think this makes the communication within the team so much better as you’ve lots of opportunities to ask questions and learn.

As the graduate intake is smaller than some other programmes, you actually get to spend time with directors. I’ve met the CEO of AXA UK several times and it’s always great to have exposure to senior managers’ personalities, experiences and skills and learn what they think is important for someone just starting out their career.

I actually sit next to the Procurement Director at the moment and I’m involved in a project that she is the key stakeholder on. It’s been great for my development as I’ve learned lots about best working practices and how to manage situations. This exposure to senior management makes the AXA graduate programme the perfect place to help develop a successful career.”