AXA story

Running my own projects


“Regardless of the programme that you choose, you have the opportunity to get involved in areas that interest you. I think good project management skills are really valuable so I expressed this in my development plan and I’ve been given some projects to co-ordinate and manage. It’s been really exciting, so far.

Managing a project workload is really different to managing your own as you’re often dependent on others. I’ve found that at times it’ll be really busy but then other times, they’ll be slight lulls. Luckily, there’s always something to get involved with on our team. An existing AXA project manager is currently acting as my mentor and I’ve been given some invaluable advice on time-planning and organisation. We’ve worked together to create a project plan which has really helped me to deliver results on the placement.

I’ve found that having own projects to run has really helped me to get a deeper understanding of the things that I’m working on. The open nature of the office environment has also been really beneficial as you have easy access to great advice from existing project managers. I’ve never felt abandoned to work out how I should deliver something and all questions have been welcomed from the first day I joined.”