AXA story

My manager has been behind me 100 percent

I’m Andrei and I chose the Future Leaders Graduate programme because I believe AXA is ideally suited to a potential international career. I also really enjoyed the idea of rotating across lots of different departments. And the diversity and breadth of my experiences has definitely not disappointed - I’ve worked on projects from Bancassurance to ASI - radically different markets and business models, and all within 12 months.

Both my managers have been extremely helpful when it comes to my personal development. My first manager was brilliant at motivating me - she would often keep me updated of what was happening in the business, which made me feel included in the decision making process, and she was great at building relationships and keeping the team together. My second manager has given me the opportunity to manage a team, expanding my current role and giving me essential managerial experience.

In my second placement I’ve met some excellent colleagues - it’s a really relaxed atmosphere. I’ve got one particular colleague, she’s really funny and driven - meaning we work hard but get to have a laugh every once in a while as a team.

I wouldn’t have got through my biggest challenge without my manager’s support and some input from my mentor. I was creating a governance structure for Bancassurance from scratch and my manager helped me understand what the expectations were, what the FSA guidance was and made sure I liaised with stakeholders early on. My manager’s have been behind me 100 percent and have given me lots of support throughout both of my second placements.

Andrei Bumbacea, Future Leaders Graduate programme