AXA story

Behind the (social) scenes at AXA


Taking a sneak peek behind the scenes at AXA, we find out how social the social scene really is.

From Human Resources to Training, Customer Service to Compliance, AXA incorporates a great deal. So what’s it like to actually work here? And what’s it like after hours? Leah Barnes, Human Resources Administrator at AXA Assistance, explains: “AXA’s the most social company I’ve ever worked for. Here in Redhill, there are always social BBQ’s, open days, quizzes and games. Each department has a different open day so you can go and meet different people and see what they do. There are so many opportunities for networking and meeting different people.”

“It was what surprised me the most about AXA,” continues Leah. “I thought it would just be a once-a-year Christmas party, but we have something on probably every month. And how much employees are recognised is great, too. In our department, we have weekly awards when you can vote for different people. I really like that AXA do a lot to make us all feel appreciated for the work we do.”

And Megan Allen, a very recent recruit to our Customer Service team, agrees that the social aspect of her role has been fantastic: “In my third week we went to Nando’s and it was great to have a few drinks afterwards, too. It was really nice to meet everyone outside the work environment – not that anyone was any different to how they normally were!”

Jena Ganeshadasganthi, Compliance Analyst, explains that his job sees him work with almost every single department within the business. “We go out for lots of team drinks and team lunches, which is great. And there’s a small group of us that go out for drinks a couple of times a month – I’ve met lots of people from different departments that way!”