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Diversity and equal opportunities

Employing the best people from the widest possible talent pool

Employing the best people from the widest possible talent pool is at the heart of our strategy to change culture and improve capability. We have a diverse customer base and work in diverse communities and it’s important that our employee base is diverse too.

We strive to be an inclusive employer, whereby everyone's individual input is respected. We believe diverse teams are more successful than ones where everyone is the same, because diverse teams encourage diversity of thought and foster an environment of innovation where everyone's input is valued.

What does diversity mean to us?

Diversity has many different aspects including gender, age, disability and nationality, to name just a few. We all have unique abilities and experiences. Diversity means recognising, understanding and valuing the differences in each other. At AXA, it means we can:

  • Attract the best people with the right skills and experience
  • Develop and use the talents of our workforce effectively
  • Improve motivation and performance
  • Help each other balance work and home responsibilities
  • Attract customers from across the community

What are we doing to encourage diversity?

We're focussing our efforts on building an inclusive workplace based on individual ability and achievement. We're working on improving our diversity by developing awareness, skills, knowledge and behaviours, and creating a more diverse talent pipeline.

While we’ve made great progress, there’s still work to be done to make sure we have the right values to build a culture of trust, engagement and achievement. One of these values in particular, Team Spirit, has clear links to a culture of inclusion. We’re a diverse team, working together, and learning from each other will make us a stronger and more successful organisation.