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At the forefront of our relationships with customers

AXA is a business built on relationships. On open, honest and trusted customer relationships, on profitable working relationships with partners, suppliers, IFAs, supportive relationships with the communities we work in, and, of course, with each other.

As a sales professional, you understand the importance of strong customer relationships better than most. What’s more, you have the ability to add real value to these relationships. And while others claim to make a difference, you really do.

Now, as a sales professional, you’re driven. But not in a sales-at-any-cost way. And you’re at your best achieving clear goals and objectives. But never in a do-anything-to-get-there way. No, your approach mirrors ours: you understand that it’s about long-term relationships, not short-term gain. As you’d expect from a business of the size and scale of AXA, we’ve sales opportunities in many different areas of our business. Take our Insurance businesses. Here we have an impressive variety of product solutions to offer our direct and broker customers. This means our sales teams are a crucial part of our business and are at the forefront of our relationships with customers. We have our own Sales Academy too, open to all and designed to help you hone, fine-tune and develop your skills and strategic sales techniques.

Within AXA PPP Healthcare, we have a number of sales teams. There’s International Sales and Marketing. We also have a dedicated SME Sales team which does an incredible job of managing around 22,000 SME clients, either directly or through some 3,000 different intermediaries. As well as these two teams we have specialists working in Individual Sales and Large Corporate Sales. So as you can see, sales roles with AXA come in all shapes, all sizes. But wherever you choose to work, rest assured you’ll be working with like-minded colleagues in a fast-paced and professional rewarding environment.

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