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Working incredibly hard to promote AXA’s brand and reputation

For the fourth year running, AXA is the number one insurance brand globally, ranked 58thamongst the top 100 Best Global Brands and higher than household names like Shell, Starbucks and Visa.

In the UK we work incredibly hard to promote AXA’s brand and reputation. Everything our company does, from getting people back on the road after a motor accident to looking after their life savings, is part of our noble purpose in society and, no matter where we work within AXA, how we go about helping our customers tells the story about our brand. We’ve a great story to tell and it’s the job of our Marketing and Communications team to make sure that we’re telling it in the right way to the right audience through the right channels.

The variety of marketing and communications opportunities we have to offer is matched by the variety of work you’ll be involved. This is partly due to our size and partly because we have multiple business areas.  We look for people with imagination and initiative, and we’ll actively encourage you to try new things and put your ideas into practice. You could, for example, be producing new advertising campaigns, analysing and optimising how we communicate through media channels, developing social media strategies or new marketing materials targeted at a very specific client group. You could be developing develop new propositions for the mass market, or conceiving and creating exciting new strategic corporate partnerships. Then there’s the challenge of assessing campaign results, developing new products and exploring ways to make the customer experience even better. It’s all here.

And if External Communications is your area of expertise, you could join us and help to communicate and promote the AXA story to the UK’s media, politicians and other stakeholders. We also have expert Internal Communications teams who champion honest and transparent communications making sure that we have open lines of communications with all our people and that we’re engaging them in our strategy, aims and ambitions.

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