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As a business, we need skilled and focused leaders

The truth is that everyone in AXA takes the lead one way or another. In how they work with customers, how they work with colleagues.

We have three levels of leadership here at AXA UK, as defined in our Leadership Framework. The Leadership Framework sets the standard for what it means to be a leader at AXA; it gives us a common language to describe how everyone leads.

For Managers and Executives here, leadership is an essential core skill, treated as a profession in its own right, and at these levels great leadership skills are given more importance than technical skills. As a business, we need skilled and focused leaders. Leaders who are exceptionally strong communicators, motivators and problem solvers. Leaders who can build the skills and knowledge of individuals and teams; leaders who can motivate and inspire everyone around them. So we’re rigorous when selecting our leaders, and we take time, care and attention to make sure that we have the right people with the right skills and qualities in the right positions. And yes, we have high expectations and place high demands; but the rewards are enormous – for you as an individual and for us as a business.

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