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IT and Business Change

Continuously looking at how we can harness new and existing technologies

AXA is a business which is constantly reinventing itself. So you can imagine just how important technology is to us.

We’re continuously looking at how we can harness new and existing technologies to transform, enhance and improve the way we work. We have to be able to anticipate changes in technology and skills. We have to innovate. We have to ask ourselves, ‘Does the technology help our people to help our customers?’ And we have to question everything and assume nothing. Because that’s how we’ll develop and deliver technology which adds real value to our business. This, all of this, is why IT people are so important to us.

Our IT teams provide excellent technology that differentiates us in the eyes of our customers and investors. They design and develop solutions as fast as our ever-evolving business needs them. And they support and develop the huge technical infrastructure that drives our business innovation and efficiency. In fact, all our IT activities have been realigned to support a new, clearer and more streamlined business model – and the variety of roles and challenges open to you is now bigger and potentially more influential than ever before.

Our Corporate Centre IT team focus on the areas of IT that are shared across our UK operations and operating companies. It’s all about optimising resources, providing best value for money and delivering excellent service levels. Mind you, our expertise goes well beyond IT project management and governance. We also work on all aspects of IT Sourcing & Supplier Management, Shared Systems, IT Strategy, Architecture and Planning and Security.  Increasingly our IT function has to take account of global IT architecture, allowing and benefiting from re-use across the world.  As well as our central IT services teams and the dedicated technology experts within AXA Tech, we have individual IT teams within:

  • AXA Personal Direct and Partnerships
  • AXA Commercial Lines and Personal Intermediary
  • AXA Wealth
  • AXA PPP Healthcare

These teams focus on systems, software and application specific to their area of business. All our IT teams, whichever area or business they are working with, share the same DNA: an unrelenting drive to innovate and use technology to help us better care for our customers.

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