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Administration, Secretarial and PA

We’re big on support here at AXA

Whether that is support for our customers, for our people, and for our offices and business processes.

Working in an admin or secretarial role, you’ll play a vital part in making sure that our offices and business processes run smoothly. Because no matter how innovative our products, no matter how impressive our customer care, our success depends on making sure that everything behind the scenes runs like clockwork and performs as it should. And that’s no small feat. In fact, it takes a large and talented team of administrative and secretarial professionals; professionals who go consistently above and beyond, and enjoy working as part of a talented team. Teamwork is really important, because we all know that great things happen when people work together.

Now you might be wondering what sort of roles we have to offer. The quick answer is all sorts, and across all of our operating companies and locations. From Secretaries to Executive PAs to Administrative Assistants. Or perhaps you’d like to work in a specific area or function, as an Accounts or Payroll Assistant, or a Workforce Planning Coordinator, for example. But whatever type of job you’re looking for, whether you want to work full- or part-time, you’re sure to find it with AXA.

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