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Technically challenging and professionally rewarding work

We can confidently say that our Underwriting teams are among the most respected in the industry.

Not just because of the impressive array of recognised training programmes we run. And not just because many of our underwriters are talented graduates. But also because our underwriters are constantly developing their knowledge and understanding; constantly testing and challenging themselves to be even better and add even more value to the AXA business.

Our underwriting teams are critical to the AXA business is so many ways. The decisions they make are directly linked to the overall profitability of the business they’re working in. Plus, the majority of our underwriters are delivering the overall customer service to our direct customer and partners on a daily basis. Because of the make-up of AXA, because we have several operating companies, we employ a real variety of underwriters, and at all stages of their careers. We have corporate underwriters who work with our large customers. In our direct-to-customer businesses, we have underwriters who deal with clients who own SMEs. We also have Development Underwriters who work with our sales teams and directly manage broker relationships.

So whether you’re setting our underwriting strategy and philosophy working in our Head Office, or you’re in our insurance businesses assessing the risk of an application before deciding on appropriate pricing, terms and conditions, you’ll enjoy technically challenging and professionally rewarding work. But it’s not just what our underwriters do for us; it’s what we do for them. In our insurance businesses, we’re one of a select few insurance companies to have been awarded Chartered status by the Chartered Insurance Institute. This demonstrates our current expertise but also our commitment to professional development and technical excellence. And that’s something that’s common across all of AXA.

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