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Internal Audit

Highlighting potential risks and suggesting and implementing change

Internal audit professionals have a huge impact on the way we do business at AXA - and for good reason.

Yes, they’re here to engage with and assess risk, but, vitally, they look beyond risk to influence wider issues. Like our organisational reputation, our impact on the environment, even the way we develop and care for our people. That’s how important audit professionals are to the AXA business.

As a team, we provide a risk-based audit assurance service for all the AXA operating companies. We work seamlessly with the business to highlight potential risks and issues and, when needed, we suggest and implement changes and improvements in the control environment. Thanks to the size and scale of our business, our programme of audits offers you a unique opportunity to develop skills in risk management, governance, control and change. And because of the diversity of activities – and your regular meetings with senior managers and executives – you’ll be developing your understanding of our complex and diverse business while building your own distinctive career path. In many cases this leads to new challenges and opportunities in the future.

If your background’s Finance, IT, Internal Audit or Insurance, if you’re a confident communicator with the strength of mind and character to challenge the business, we’d love to hear from you.

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