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Asset and Investment Management

Combining the best market offerings with innovative thinking

Architas is AXA’s specialist investment company. Combining the best market offerings with innovative thinking and bold investment design, we’re focused on delivering market leading multi-manager investment propositions and solutions.

And multi-managers solutions are all we do; unlike some multi-manager providers, we aren’t part of a large investment house. We’re specialists, in every sense of the word.

We offer a wide range of funds, from multi-manager funds to guided and open architecture options. Our solutions aim to suit most clients, depending on how much or little involvement they want to have in their investment planning. Our dedicated teams offer advice and support on a broad range of both on and offshore products. These solutions aim to offer clients choice and flexibility when deciding on how to invest their money.

Ours is an exciting, diverse business. We’re run by an experienced, skilled and ambitious management team. And we can offer you professionally challenging and rewarding work in three key areas:

Investment is led by the Chief Investment Officer, and is made up of Investment Managers, Investment Analysts and Desk Assistants. The Managers and Analyst are responsible for the quantitative and qualitative research of the fund universe, with the Managers implementing investment decisions into the funds. Desk Assistants support the function with additional research and dealing.

Business Development is responsible for developing and implementing the product strategy for the multi-manager funds, and producing marketing collateral to support the proposition. Our Broker Desk delivers a first class level of support to customers and clients of Architas. Our Distribution team provides technical knowledge to support the sale of the funds range into AXA’s dedicated development teams.

Operational Office supports the operational side of the business, including an oversight function monitoring the output of fund reporting and fund accounting from our third party administrators. We also work closely with Product Development, Compliance and Risk to implement and engineer new products to take to market.

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