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The recruitment process

From your initial application to your first day

Our process is simple. Our careers portal will inform you by email when we have received your initial registration details and will email you again once your application is complete.

We will then review your application to see if you meet our pre-screening criteria. Application review and feedback will start from day one, but you should expect to receive a decision typically no later than 1-2 weeks after the application closing date.

If you have not been successful, you’ll be contacted (usually by email) to inform you of this decision along with the overall reason as to why you have not been successful this time.

Successful candidates will be contacted to arrange the next steps of the process.

Our interview processes are individually tailored to suit the requirements of the advertised position and your AXA contact will inform you of the process for your interview(s).

If you are selected for interview, you’ll be informed of timelines for feedback after each stage of the process.