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It's not just what you say, it's how you say it

Some interviews or assessment centres will contain a presentation element to assess a particular skill or experience. If the brief is issued in advance then make sure you set time aside to prepare for this.

For maximum impact, presentations should be delivered standing-up. Make sure that if you're meant to be in character, you act accordingly and ensure that you make a strong introduction and set the scene well before going in to the detail.

Make sure you present to all the people in the room (try and avoid reading straight from your script or staring straight at your feet).

General presentation hints and tips

  • Try and think what skills the interviewers are trying to assess (presentations skills, leadership, technical knowledge or creative ideas) and ensure you demonstrate these skills.
  • Have you answered the question effectively and covered all the aspects that the scenario is requesting?
  • Make sure you organise and structure information clearly, communicate your point confidently and make sure it's clearly backed up with facts and figures from the presentation brief.
  • Have you chosen the most effective format/medium for delivery (e.g. hand-outs our PowerPoint)?
  • Is your content/message clear and concise and is your style engaging and interesting?
  • Have you rehearsed and timed the presentation?