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AXA Cares - Corporate responsibility

AXA Cares is headed up by our Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, Mike Kellard, and supported by a network of AXA Cares Managers and Champions across our offices. AXA Cares delivers initiatives and commitment across four main areas, all designed to help AXA build trust with employees and customers and support the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Our people

We focus on building a positive culture that thrives on entrepreneurial thinking, creativity and innovation. Through agile working we enable our employees to give the best of themselves while achieving a healthy work life balance. And as an integral part of our commitment to inclusion and diversity, we're dedicated to creating an age-neutral workplace, one that builds on the unique strengths of each generation. We also have numerous employee support and benefits' initiatives, including a wellbeing programme.

Our communities

Through our Hearts in Action programme we support our people to volunteer in their local community with paid time off and we support their fundraising efforts with fund matching for charities and causes close to their hearts. Our partnership with AXA's global charity, CARE International, enables us to support populations faced by large natural disasters. And through our Solimed initiative, we provide much-needed medical equipment to health centres in Northern India, providing vital care in rural communities.

The environment

We're committed to reducing our carbon footprint across all our business practices and offices; and to reducing the footprint of each of our employees by 25% by 2020. As part of this commitment, in recent years we've reduced our power consumption by 7% and paper consumption by 11%. And we're working with The Woodland Trust, planting native woodlands in the UK to become carbon neutral on our paper consumption.

Our customers

We offer sustainable products and services for our customers and treat them fairly, and require the highest standards and ethics from our suppliers. And on a wider scale AXA invests in the future through the AXA Research Fund, supporting research to foster understanding of major environment, life and socio-economic risks. By 2018, we'll have invested €200,000 towards this research.