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Applying for a graduate programme placement shouldn’t be head-scratching hard. The process should be clear and straightforward. And ours is. But before we get down to it, there are a few things worth considering. Like some of the qualities and behaviours we look for in our graduates. So have a good think about them. And think about how you can show us where you’ve demonstrated them. We’ve listed them here.

Qualities and behaviours 

Strategic vision

Taking a broad outlook and considering diverse sources of information to move things forward.

Building capability

Through reflection and development, building the capability of you and your team.

Focus on customer

Putting the customer at the heart of what you do, understanding their needs and helping us to remain competitive.

Team leadership

Providing clear direction and motivational leadership to the team.

Change leadership

Challenging the status quo and instigating change.

Share to succeed

Building relationships between functions, overcoming potential conflicts and achieving shared objectives.


Demonstrating high levels of drive and determination in analysing situations, establishing the way forward and achieving results.

Living through AXA values

Promoting and demonstrating the AXA values of Professionalism, Innovation, Pragmatism, Team Spirit, and Integrity.