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How losing my voice helped me find a new path

Changing your job doesn’t have to mean leaving a company. There is a strong focus on Internal Mobility within AXA. It’s important to us that employees can discover new opportunities to grow and develop. Sometimes it’s because you’re looking for something new and different, other times it can be down to circumstances outside of your control. But no matter what happens, there could be another path for you [...]

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Reverse Mentoring: an intrepid new direction

Mentoring Up is a reverse-mentorship initiative shaking up the way we learn at AXA. It’s a brave, radical new approach. Vania Arianoutsou, part of the Mentoring Up team and Learning Business Partner at AXA, is here to talk us through it. [...]

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The importance of staying curious and always being open to learning

Tom Bailey, Senior Digital Learning Partner, gave us the lowdown on the importance of continuous learning and what’s happening across AXA to celebrate 2017’s Learning at Work Week. [...]

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