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Be bold at work every day

On March 8th, we joined the world in celebrating International Women’s Day. How did we mark the event at AXA? We asked employees at our London office to share their advice and inspirational messages about how we can all Be Bold For Change at work. [...]

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Seven ways to feel happier at work

Not feeling like you’re making the most of every day? Want to feel more productive? Here are our top seven ways to bring a little more cheer to your working day. [...]

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Why an apprenticeship offers the perfect balance of learning and earning


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Think you know apprenticeships? Think again.

What do David Beckham, Ozzy Osbourne and Stella McCartney all have in common (apart from being super-famous and very wealthy)?... They are all former apprentices. Yep, that’s right – before they became rich and famous, these celebs decided to kick off their careers with an apprenticeship. [...]

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