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AXA Technology Services

Technological innovation drives everything we do

AXA Technology Services help other AXA businesses in the UK to achieve their goals by ensuring that our IT and communications infrastructure is the best it can be.

We’re the people behind the technology behind our outstanding products and service. Our role is to provide AXA operating companies with high-quality IT and telecommunications infrastructure management services; to deliver and manage a high-performance workplace for every single AXA employee. Now that’s a big task – and an exciting professional challenge - especially when you consider that, in the UK alone, we have 35 offices and 10,500 people.

Essentially, we’re AXA’s in-house service provider. As such, we apply our expertise and energy to improve operational effectiveness and help AXA people to get the most out of their IT infrastructure. It’s making sure that our people have the tools and technology they need to do their jobs brilliantly. So we look at new workstation technologies and mobile solutions. We’re constantly working our vendors and suppliers to harness our size and global scale to create a competitive advantage. And we’re focused on reducing ongoing operational costs while delivering consistent, high quality service. We’re also:

  • Leveraging the R&D strength of our partners to provide innovative services to support the differentiation strategies of our clients.
  • The first line of defence in terms of IT, security and risk management.
  • Actively positioning IT within the AXA Group as a key player for reducing our carbon footprint.

Technology moves forward at an incredible pace. That’s why we look for people who can adapt to changing needs. People who can be proactive and pragmatic. People who will help to make sure that, as a business, we’re ready for tomorrow. And most importantly of all, that we’re ready to make the most of the opportunities tomorrow will bring.

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